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Human, Social, and Political Sciences - HSPS Tripos


Information for current students regarding examinations and assessment is compiled on this page.

Marking and Classing

Each year, students receive an individually classed result to indicate their progress on the HSPS Tripos. Guidance on the marking and classing criteria for each part of the Tripos is provided in Michaelmas term.

  • Marking and classing criteria - Part I 
  • Marking and classing criteria - Part II

Final Degree Classification

All undergraduate Tripos students will receive an overall degree classification at the end of their final year. The algorithm for obtaining the final classification for the HSPS Tripos is Part I (0%), Part IIA (0%) Part IIB (100%). This means that the third year assessments account for 100% of a student's final degree outcome - marks from the first and second year do not count towards the final result.

Exam Information

Part I students can find examination information in the Part I Moodle. Part II students should consult the course information for their respective track.

Further information about the structure of Cambridge undergraduate courses can be found on the Camdata website.