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Human, Social, and Political Sciences - HSPS Tripos


Departmental Undergraduate Committees:

Student representation for these Committees will be provided by Part II students, elections for these posts are run by Departments at the start of Michaelmas Term. Please contact your Departments Undergraduate Administrator for further information.

HSPS Tripos Management Committee (TMC):

The Tripos Management Committee is a committee focusing on teaching matters related to the HSPS Tripos. The TMC meet twice a term.

There will be 5 undergraduate members:

  • One Part I student, elected from the Part I students in the HSPS Tripos. Elections will be organised by the Part I Administrator.
  • Four Part II students, (one each from Politics and International Relations, History and Politics, Social Anthropology, and Sociology). The Part II members will be drawn from student members of the Departmental Undergraduate Committees, as detailed above.

Faculty Board:

The Faculty Board is the principal Committee of the Faculty. The Board is responsible for all matters relating to teaching, learning and research. It receives reports from all Committees in the Faculty, and from the University. It is the only Committee with the authority to take decisions that are effective across the Faculty. The agenda of the Board is divided into reserved and unreserved business; student representatives attend only for the unreserved business. It reports to the School and the Chairperson is the Chair of the Faculty.

Elections are held in November of each year, with the student representatives taking office from the following January to act until December. The Faculty Board meets twice a term.

There will be 4 student members: 

  • One Undergraduate Archaeology Tripos student
  • One Graduate Archaeology Tripos student
  • One Undergraduate HSPS student 
  • One Graduate HSPS student

From October 2020, the University is changing the way that it elects Faculty Board (subject) student representatives. 

Further information about what a student representative does and which roles are available can be found here:

HSPS Student Forum:

The Student Forum was created to enable students across the diverse subject disciplines in the Faculty to have a voice. It is attended only by the Forum representatives (see below) and the Faculty Teaching Administrator, who supports the meeting and helps the members to ensure that suggestions and queries are taken forward appropriately. The Forum is intended to serve as a method for sharing good practice across all areas of the Faculty, and to create a venue for the Faculty Board representatives to work closely with students in each subject. The Student Forum consists of undergraduate and graduate students from each subject within the Faculty and is wholly student-led.  The Forum is Chaired by the Faculty Board Student Representatives.

Student members comprise of:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate representatives of the Departmental Teaching Committees from the HSPS and Archaeology Tripos.
  • Tripos Management Committee representatives from the HSPS and Archaeology Tripos.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Faculty Board representatives, who organise and Chair the forum meetings.

If you are unsure how to contact your student represenatives, please email the Faculty Teaching Administrator, who will provide you with the relevant email details.