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Human, Social, and Political Sciences - HSPS Tripos


A unique interdisciplinary degree programme, only offered by the University of Cambridge.

Human, Social and Political Sciences (HSPS) is a three-year undergraduate degree programme which combines Politics, Social Anthropology and Sociology to study the forces and actors at play in our rapidly changing world.

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HSPS offers students the opportunity to study a range of subjects, taught by globally respected departments at the University of Cambridge.

  • Politics and International Relations explores politics within and between countries, covering issues from human rights and democracy, to financial crises and international conflict.
  • Social Anthropology address ‘what it is to be human’ by studying social and cultural diversity – how people live, think and relate to each other around the world.
  • Sociology focuses on the nature of modern societies and the processes that shape social life, by examining social institutions and topics such as power and inequality.

Course Structure

The course can be tailored from the start, with an increasing range of paper options available to students as they progress through the degree. This makes the HSPS tripos suitable for those with a specific academic interest as well as those looking for an interdisciplinary experience.

In addition to taking different tracks through the degree, students can choose to write an undergraduate dissertation, developing independent reseach skills and analytical practice with quantitative and qualitative data.

Career Opportunities

The HSPS course provides excellent training in analytical and critical skills, intellectual versatility and multicultural sensitivity, as well as fostering an international outlook that equips students for work or further study in a rapidly changing world.

A degree in HSPS from Cambridge is an excellent springboard to a wide range of professional careers, and our graduates go on to work in fields as varied as media, law, industry, international organisations and NGOs, politics, management, research, teaching and the Civil Service. Many also pursue further study at a postgraduate level. For more information please visit the Careers Service website or watch the Careers Service video.

Course Structure