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Human, Social, and Political Sciences - HSPS Tripos

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Human, Social, and Political Sciences at Cambridge offers a unique range of related disciplines that can be studied in combination or with a concentration on a single discipline.

Politics and International Relations

Politics is the study of national and international politics and political thought. If you are interested in democracy, the causes and outcomes of war, human rights, elections, economic crises and political thinkers, then Politics and International Relations is the subject for you.


Sociology is the study of modern societies and how they are changing today. Ever wonder why nationalism is such a powerful force in the world? Why there are protests, uprisings, and revolutions? Why poverty, inequality and racism persist? Why politicians are not trusted? How globalization is changing our lives? Whether societies could ever be more just? Then Sociology is the subject for you.

Social Anthropology

Social Anthropology addresses the really big question – what does it mean to be human? – by taking as its subject matter the full range of human social and cultural diversity: the amazingly varied ways that people live, think and relate to each other in every part of the world. If you are interested in undertaking fieldwork in order to find out about your own and other people's cultures, societies and economies, in how they differ and what they have in common, Social Anthropology is the subject for you.

Reading Lists

Our recommended reading list is designed to give you a brief introduction to any of our subjects, to help you find out more about what you might like to study.  It can be used for prospective students preparing for interview, but is not required reading for the interview at any College.

Our preparatory reading lists are aimed at students who are preparing to commence their Part I studies on the HSPS Tripos: