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Going to Cambridge is an investment in your future.

The cost of tuition can seem daunting, but there is support available to help you finance your studies from both the Government and the University.

Tuition Fees

The main cost of University are the tuition fees, which are paid every year. The amount you pay depends on whether you are a Home or International student, and whether or not this is you first degree. Home students are able to apply for a UK Government loan to assist with their tuition fee payments.

International students and Home students studying a second undergraduate degree will additionally be required to pay a College fee. Prices vary by college and can be found on the Undergraduate Tuition Fees website.


The next largest cost will likely be accomodation, as undergraduate students are required to live in Cambridge while they are studying their degree. The cost of accomodation varies depending on the college and the type of room (e.g. single, ensuite etc).

Monthly accomodation costs vary between colleges, so prospective students should check individual college websites for further information. Some colleges offer "termly" licenses that allow students to move out of their rooms inbetween terms, which can save money on rent.


The Cambridge Bursary Scheme offers Home students non-repayable bursaries if your household income is below a certain threshold. These bursaries are awarded on a sliding scale.

Many Colleges also have dedicated funds available to assist students with various costs including study materials, sports equipment, travel and unforseen hardship.

Saving money

  • Low transport costs - Cambridge is a small city and most students walk or cycle between their college and department, and there is also a Universal (U) bus service which is just £1 per journey with a Cambridge student card.
  • Low course costs - With excellent library provision across the University, students will need to buy few, if any, books. There are also lots of computer and WiFi facilities that students can use.
  • Low social costs - Much of the Cambridge social life is based in Colleges or University clubs and societies. Many clubs and societies are free or highly discounted for students.
  • Low living costs - All Colleges have their own dining hall, many have a gym and bar, and some even have a pool. Your student card also acts as a discount card for many of the shops around Cambridge.

Career Opportunities

Cambridge has one of the highest proportions of graduates entering graduate-level employment or further study in the country. Our dedicated Careers Service helps you to prepare for your future, whatever path you want to follow.

  • No. 1 in the UK and No. 2 in the world for employer reputation (QS World University Rankings 2020).
  • 1,500+ internships and vacation placements available each year to provide valuable work experience.
  • 200+ careers events and briefing and skills sessions typically offered by the Careers Service each year.

Preparing for Interview